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What is needed for a submission:

NEXO Custom Supplemental Application

Utilizing our years of experience, we've created our own application specific to your clients' needs.

Download Application

Completed Acord Forms

If your Agency prefers to use Acord Forms instead of our customized application, we will happily accept them in a submission. For coverage lines like Umbrella, Auto, and Building Insurance, Acord Forms are required

5 Years’ Worth of Loss Runs for Existing Businesses

If your client’s business has already been operational, we will need to learn about their past claims history. If your client is new to the fitness world, you can forego this requirement.


If your client is a new business, we will need a copy of their resume. This should outline their certifications and business experience. Bullet point form is fine!”

Member Liability Waiver

Our office will need to file your client’s liability waiver in our records. If your client does not have a liability waiver, check out our free resources which includes a liability waiver for our clients.


Producer Agreement

The Producer Agreement allows us to work with your agency. In addition to the agreement, we will need to ensure you have E&O insurance and a valid insurance license. For a team member to walk you through these requirements please email [email protected].

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