Our Library Includes Helpful Documents Needed For A Fitness And Wellness Facility To Operate Smoothly.

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Our Appetite Guide

Download our classes of business and coverage lines.

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Emergency Response Guide

This guide is short and helpful if your clients operate their facility 24/7, or include open gym hours.

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Employee Handbook

Our sample employee handbook is helpful for gyms who hire their first employee, or are looking to revamp their existing documentation. Some carriers will require a well-developed Employee Handbook.

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Health Assessment

The health assessment will allow your clients to onboard their athletes safely and provide vital information to fitness trainers.

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Independent Contractor Agreement

If your clients utilize Independent Contractors, it's important they implement an Independent Contractor Agreement. Especially in states with strict Workers' Compensation laws, IC's must have an agreement in place and Workers' Compensation Insurance must be purchased and verified by each contractor.

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Incident Report Form

Injuries happen. When they do, it's important for your clients to document the circumstances of an injury. Our incident report form can be used in these rare instances.

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Safety Procedures

This is a helpful guide when your client offers 24/7 access to their facility or unsupervised gym time.

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Liability Waiver

Fitness facilities inherently have risks associated with them. For this reason, a liability waiver is typically required when an athlete enters a facility. Our liability waiver can be used for anyone who needs help starting this important document.

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Abuse And Molestation Standards

Abuse and Molestation claims are on the rise. Your clients likely find it difficult to keep tabs on each employee. With the Abuse and Molestation standards document, your clients can clearly communicate rules related to working with youth and other athletes.

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Additional Documents

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