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Comprehensive General and Professional Liability Coverage.

Every fitness facility is required to purchase liability insurance. We have insured over 10,000 gyms in the country ensuring that each one has complete protection. We are well-versed in reviewing your contracts to make sure your insurance is working well for your clients—and we will provide the analysis for free.

  • Specific to your clients’ facility operations
  • We leverage the collective power of our broker partners for better purchasing power
  • Complete protection reflecting the needs of the fitness community
  • Our niche expertise in the fitness space allows our broker partners to focus on service, not paperwork

Property Protection For Gyms

All property insurance is not created equal. Our captive policy forms cover your client’s flooring from water damage and their landlord’s windows if they’re shattered by an errant piece of equipment. We’re the only company to design a property insurance program specifically for fitness facilities. Your clients can take their equipment anywhere—it’s covered.

  • Seamlessly integrated with Liability insurance
  • Coverage for window glass
  • Reimbursement of lost revenue if your client is forced to close their doors due to a covered loss
  • Theft coverage is included

Participant Accident

Participant Accident coverage is important for all fitness facilities allowing them to pay for a member’s medical bills in the event of injury. This no-fault medical coverage pays for injuries regardless of negligence allowing the injured party to return to the gym sooner and stop unnecessary lawsuits and claims. This in turn keeps Liability rates lower!

  • Low minimum premiums
  • Cost effective with no out of pocket expense for the insured
  • $25,000+ per accident coverage limits
  • Nationwide rates

Excess and Umbrella Liability

Excess and Umbrella Liability provides you insured the security of increased Liability limits. This protects their business from exposure in the event of a life-altering claim. Depending on your state, it can be customary for a landlord or property manager to require an Excess or Umbrella Liability policy.

  • Affordable increased liability protection
  • Limits up to $5M (up to $10M limits are available with some markets)
  • Follow form options, including Professional Liability and Abuse coverages are available

Abuse and Molestation Coverage

This important coverage provides your clients with protection from allegations of sexual abuse and/or molestation no matter how baseless the accusation. This coverage extends to not only their business entity, but also their employees and clients regardless of their age.

  • Inexpensive premium
  • Protection in today’s litigious climate
  • A sample Written Standards of Sexual Abuse and Molestation is available in our resources
  • Share our blog post about this coverage with your clients!

Auto Liability

Whether your client hires vehicles for travel or owns a fleet, we can get them the right auto coverage. This will give them (and you!) piece of mind and security while on the road, anywhere they go.

  • Standard $1M Hired and Non-Owned Auto limits
  • Coverage extends to employees or volunteers
  • Nationwide coverage

Sample Policy Forms

View the policy details of our bespoke policies offered in the Fitness and Wellness industry.

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